Tree Work


Trees want care just like human beings. The world has thousands of specialists trained specifically for this job. They are called arborists or tree surgeons. Trees have a long life and require proper attention throughout their lifetime. The need starts right at cultivation up to when the tree matures. During this time, you have to manage the trees well.

You’ve probably seen a forest. There are thousands of different species that make forests beautiful and unique. Tree surgeons don’t look at trees as forests or bushes. They attend to individual trees. This ensures any wooden plant receives proper care. Perhaps this is the slight difference between arborists and other tree dealers like wood harvesters.

Criteria for Selecting the right Tree Surgeon


A tree surgeon must be qualified in all aspects of the profession. What are these qualifications to look at? Your tree surgeon should have undertaken a college or university course. This is proof they’re familiar with ways to deal with trees and forests. You should never undermine this qualification. Tree handling can be hazardous sometimes and that is why you should be cautious.

A university or college graduate will do a good job. That does not guarantee quality work. A lot of other factors determine provision of quality work. Passion, dedication and other soft skills also come to play. That is why you should also consider your tree surgeon’s likeability.


Experts argue nothing can beat experience. That is the truest statement I have heard of all my life. Experience has something to do with how good and for how long you have been doing something. That is why chances of a tree surgeon who has been practicing for a long time to deliver are higher. This is in comparison to one who has been around for lesser years. But, that is not always the case.


Everybody wants quality work. But, it comes with a price. In most cases, the highest quality providers tend to charge the highest rates. This varying from dealer to dealer. Much as you want the best quality, you also want to pay reasonable rates.


A tree surgeon that is a member to a tree surgery governing body is likely to be more responsible than one is freelancing. Therefore, prior members of professional tree surgery bodies. Still, exercise diligence as membership also does not guarantee quality work.

Danger of Tree Surgery

This work is one of the most dangerous in the world. For instance, imagine dealing with more than 60 ft. long trees. It is so dangerous that there are records of about 24 deaths and more than 1500 injuries of tree surgeons. Therefore, when thinking about this practice, think about the risks associated too.

Why choose Philips Countryside Contractors?

We have a team have skilled ecologists and people who specialise in land management. We work around the Northwest of England. We would be really happy to help you with any kind of advice related to the environment and lad management. If you are looking for a tree surgeon, feel free to get in touch with us.

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