Stump Removal


Trees take years to grow. By the time the stem, branches, and leaves are out, the root would be deeply fitted under the ground. There comes a time when you wish the tree cut down. Getting rid of the stem, leaves, and branches may be as easy as using a power saw. The challenge arises when you want to remove all the tree parts under the ground. Remember as the tree grows upwards so does it heighten underground. This makes stump removal a massive challenge. You may not succeed in getting the whole stump out if care is not exercised and this may mean the tree germinates again with time.

Stump Removers

1. Stump Grinders

Stump grinders are arguably the best stump removers you will find around. These are increased velocity rotating disks that work by mincing the stump and bottoms into tiny chips. The control of this machine should be done by a skillful arborist for the best outcome. Alternatively, you could do the drilling yourself. The stump grinders are available for hire. All you need to do is find out where they can be found near you and pay for one. You should be cautious as you undertake the stump removal practice.

Besides, you should be aware of the stump grinding options. There is a normal grinder and a vertical one. Usage of any depends on the diameter of the stump you want to get rid of. Normally, arborists use the vertical stump removers for wider and thicker logs. They have proven to be impactful over time.

Using the machine to remove the stump yourself has it’s ups and downs. Unless you’re properly skilled in the art, you may do a bad job. The good side is the fact that it is cheaper and time-saving. Hiring an expert may be more expensive but you can be guaranteed better results.

2.Use of Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate is an alternative to the use of stump removers. It is a natural way of killing the stump and stopping it from growing. It works by facilitating wood decomposition. How do you do it? Start by drilling profound holes into the wood. 4 inches is the advisable depth. Also, ensure the holes are 4 inches apart for better outcomes. Then, put the potassium nitrate into the holes and add some water for faster activity. You should do this as much as you can until the stump is no more. The only challenge with this option is the unavailability of the chemical. You’ll have to sweat to get it. Otherwise, it is a very effective option.

3.The Spectracide Stump Remover

This is another effective chemical to use. It is easier to find than potassium nitrate. You should also drill holes that slant to a central position inside the stump. Then, plop 4 ounces of the chemical into the holes. Do this as long as you can until the stump no longer exists. The chemical kills the wood remnant and that is why you can trust it.

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